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Message from school
Hey guys! I'm just sititn here.. bored at school. Just wanted to leave a NEW mes...
[KT]Devil05 Feb 2004 17:51428
Can I join? 26/11/03
Hey guys, I was just looking around on this wonderfully designed site, and I got...
.kOMA!26 Nov 2003 16:08124
Happy Halloween to all in TEMPLARS land. Any fun plans? Me and the miss-to-be ...
EZMonster30 Oct 2003 23:31146
Me Joining the clan
Hi my name is Jeff Feaker and i live in Iowa i tryed to copy what i had here and...
|2aveN aka Jeff14 Oct 2003 10:06138
Damn, that tag looks sick as ever. no one's ever around, so i'm just leaving a m...
[KT]Two09 Oct 2003 16:25254
Thanks TT
Hey TimeTrav (and Rommie and Surge) Thanks for making the effort to get this st...
Molay09 Sep 2003 22:59373
When's the next match?
Oh ya, Rommie, the site is looking real good, your haven't lost your l33t HTML ...
kraZyme27 Aug 2003 10:345119
Testing, testing,
1, 2, 3, is this thing on? Hello hello. Romm, check the gain levels I'm gettin...
Time Traveler11 Aug 2003 18:05354
Hail Knights Templar!
Welcome to the new forum. Well, here it is. That's it. Follow the usual rules...
Time Traveler09 Aug 2003 19:50389
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