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In the year of Our Lord 1314, Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of Solomon's Temple was burned at the stake. His execution (along with Geoffroi de Charney, the Preceptor of Normandy), ordered by a jealous King Philip of France, ended the reign of the Temple Knights as the most powerful western military force of the Crusades

Though they had served both church and state well battling the infidels throughout the Crusades, they had grown more powerful than their supposed masters, as their wealth and military force surpassed any in Europe at the time. The jealous and fearful leaders of the day turned upon the Holy Knights and falsely accused them of heresy, idolatry, and worse!

With nowhere left to turn, their members tortured into false confessions and their leaders burned alive, the Order disbanded leaving behind only the legends of bravery, honor, and might in battle, blurred in the mists of time.

In the year of Our Lord 1996 the spirit of those Knights has returned: This time to battle the evil Infidels of QuakeWorld, and regain the former glory of the holy
Order of the Knights Templar!

On a cold winter's day in February 1997, the Knights Templar met up and joined with a like-minded clan from the far north. The brave warriors of Clan Frostbyte fight on in the battle against evil, now under the banner of the Knights Templar. We are stronger clan now as one.

We are a band of Quake players which has formed the first historically accurate Quake clan. We take the names of actual Templars from the historical record and will attempt to maintain our structure and training as was found in Templars nearly 700 years ago.

The clan was started by a quake player first known as "Lord Paladin", but now known as Templar de Molay. The idea was born after deciding to branch out from the honorable clan Empire of Azeroth where he then handled their North American operations. The Empire has since split, but the Templars fight on.

The Knights Templar first began operations in the Middle East in the 1100's on the site of the Temple of Solomon, hence their name
the "Knights of the Temple"...

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