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The Knights Templar are Real!

Believe it!...we did not create the Templars , they were plucked from the pages of history. They were the dominant military faction of the West during most of the Crusades. Their Empire spanned all of Europe and into the Middle East.

We think their ideal is appropriate implementation in the Quake universe because

1.) They never traveled alone (hence the two Knights riding the horse in the authentic seal at the top of this page). We believe that ultimate success as a Clan in QuakeWorld will rely on teamwork, including intensive training together as military units. This Clan is not for loners.

2.) They stood against (what was perceived as) the great evil of their time. As a Clan we will strive to battle larger,and probably at first better skilled clans of evil players. We will perservere till the victory is ours!

3.) They were honorable. The Templars were known as the most skilled and most trusted warriors of their time. As a Clan we must always uphold the honor of the Templars.

To find out more on how the real Knights Templar live fought and died on the battlefields of their time check out this very cool historical sight


Disclaimer:The Knights Templar of Quake is not affiliated with Freemasonry, the Society for Creative Anachronism, or any other organization. It is maintained solely for the enjoyment of Quake and history enthusiasts. The same disclaimer apples to the site linked above (except it has nothing to do with Quake)

Last Revised: January 14, 1997.