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01/11/96- Battle against Bad Karma Tonight at 7 pacific 10 eastern...

01/04/96 - Our newest member, Ronald McDonald has Chosen the KT name "de Toroga" Welcome aboard!

01/04/96 Bad Karma had to reschedule to to technical probs. with their server I guess we'll try again next weekend :(

01/03/96- We have a battle tomorrow versus Bad Karma clan! its at 6:30 PM pacifc 9:30 PM eastern time. Refer to your emails for the specifics. ALSO PLEASE NOTIFY MOLAY OF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE SO PLANNING CAN BE DONE :-)

01/03/96- Sorry for the long delay between updates, some times real life intereferes :-) First Off Welcome aboard to our newest member: Ronald McDonald, his temporary new KT name is de Payens until he chooses his permanent name. Due to his skill level he is being brought aboard at the master level. Also de Craon is being promoted to the master level, also because of his superior play. Congrats!

12/21/96 Well Quakeworld is out, Unfortunately Molay goes on vacation starting the 24th (for a week in Florida) Make sure you get the command bindings and learn them :)
Ill be playing alot this weekend so email
me if you want to practice (I dont think the "clan Formally known as Prince" is playing us tonight but check in with me later. Long live the Knights Templar!


12/13/96- QuakeWorld Server version is out, (we still need the client side to use it though :) Hopefully it might be out soon

12/13/96 Just a note that de Vichiers is currently playing without his KT prefix. He is doing this of his own volition, as pennace for his poor attitude during our last battle. He is attempting to display an attitude worthy of the KT, which we appreciate. Hail de Vichiers!

12/5/96- The Templars have lost a close match (122-130) to Clan DarkSide. They have however accepted a challenge for a rematch (we will battle as soon a quakeworld is out). Molay has implementend disciplinary action related to this battle check The Rule

12/1/96- Hail Templars! practice tonight at 5 pm Pacific-meet ahead on undernet at #quaketemplars

11/25/96-Our scrimmage with the X-tinction agenda is being resceduled for after Thanksgiving, enjoy your Turkey :) Also we have been challenged by Clan Dark Side which I am trying to schedule, SO be prepared to battle.

11/22/96- A scrimmage match for this Sunday at at 8:00 pm PST vs the X-Tinction Agenda. BE THERE :) Molay will send out server details.

11/22/96- Coming soon the a QuakeWorld server near you HOLYBOWL I...
Watch for details.............................................................

11/17/96 The Templars are defeated in battle by the "Fishers of Men" clan. Believe me you dont want to know the score :) (doh!) The Templars salute the FoM for their display of superior skill in battle. Kudo's to the Templars, as Molay received alot of positive feedback from our opponents because our players fought honorably and did not complain the whole time about them having T-1 access and pings 1/2 ours. The FoM have proposed an alliance with the Templars, send Grand Master Molay your feedback concerning this possible alliance.

11/16/96 De Tremelai is promoted to the Master level after showing great reliability in combat and contributing much effort to the advancement of the Knights of Solomon's Temple

11/14/96 Bishop-Solo is accepted as Templar after battling honorably despite terribly lagged conditions. He has chosen the Templar name de Levanti. Welcome aboard Bishop-Solo!

11/12/96 Another battle of proof this Thursday at 7:00 pm pacific! current members should be there to test "Bishop-Solo" as he shows us what he can do. Assemble beforehand at #quaketemplars on undernet.

11/10/96 Weve updated our graphics... Thanks to de Tremelai for his contributions there :)

11/07/96 A new version of Capture the flag is released, check it out a Stomped, Blues News, or Scary's Quakeholio... All of which you can reach from our Links page

11/07/96 After a brave fight the Knights Templar lose their battle to the Clan PhosGene in the Clanring Tournament II. Our congrats to the honorable victors, but, as Arnold would say "we'll be back!" :)

11/04/96 We still await reponse from the clan "Corporation"(US branch) as to our clanring battle. Our patience wears thin as battle must be completed by the 7th.

11/04/96- MegaMike has been admitted to the Knights Templar after an impressive display of skill in battle. May he wear the Templar tunic with honor as he is now known as KT- de Craon

11/03/96- Our thanks to de Tremelai for the cool new logo, well keep working on improvements for the webpage :)

10/29/96- We added a "links" page for you convenience & education, send in your favorites and be sure to check out Dank & Scud for a laugh :)

10/29/96-We are entered in the ClanRing tournament #2, we begin formal practice this week! E-mail de Molay with your available times for traing

10/25/96-BIG NEWS! THE EMPIRE OF AZEROTH AS YOU KNOW IT IT BEING DISBANDED! Watch the EA page for more news. Dont worry a new power is rising from the ashes :)

10/24/96- StormTrooper is now a Templar!, welcome aboard. He will choose his new name soon.

10/22/96- The Battle of proof is rescheduled to Wednesday at 8:00pm pacific, meet at #quaketemplars on undernet!

10/20/96- The day holds a "Battle of Proof" for Templar hopeful "Stormtrooper". Templars interested in participating should assemble at #quaketemplars on undernet at 2:00 p.m. (pacific)

10/20/96- Our new skin is completed! This masterful work was done by one Dan Bickell , and will be distributed to members shortly.

We recommed Dan to all clans which require the best quality work. Although Dan did not require payment, the Order (actually de Molay :-) ) offered and paid him $75 for the completion of this holy task. We encourage other clans to reasonably compensate the artisans they engage for this work in order for the trade to flourish (plus it will probably get done quicker ;-) ) The Templars salute you Dan!

10/19/96- Members note that a new page "The Rule" has been added. This page is now used for the Grand Master to recognize and address both exemplary service and slothful or eggregious behavior by member Templars.

10/11/96- WOW! Our new skin is almost completed! check out these screenshots to see it in action!(this may take a while to load!) SCREENSHOTS!

10/08/96 We are playing capture the flag often. If you would like to meet us in battle (or talk to us about membership) check out these servers

09/25/96- War with the "Order of the Temple Knights" is averted after a misunderstanding about names is clarified (They had already changed theirs to the "Crusaders" to avoid confusion.) The Knights Templar salute their new brothers in the crusade against the evil clans.

09/12/96- Our sight is up and running! We will soon post our favorite quake servers here so those seeking membership might seek us out and test for admission to the order. For now ask Templar de Molay

Disclaimer:The Knights Templar of Quake is not affiliated with Freemasonry, the Society for Creative Anachronism, or any other goofy organization which falsely claims to descend from the Templars.

Last Revised: January 14, 1997.