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This board has been established by order of the Grand Master in order to recognize both exemplary service and slothful or otherwise unworthy actions by member Templars. The most holy knights should take note to congratulate their more perservering bretheren or offer prayers of atonement for those who wander astray from the path of true light <g>

The Templars of old abided by a strict disciplinary structure known as the "Rule" which decribed both acceptable and unacceptable Templar behavior. Although this more "modern" incarnation of the holy knights will be more flexible in the interest of having fun :), behavior which destroys the coherence of the clan or battle performance of brother knights will be appropriately addressed. Note this quote from a book on the Templars:

12/15/96-Following a battle in which the Templars showed a woeful lack of discipline, Molay was forced to implement several disciplinary actions:
de Vichers-
Censure, including a one match suspension, for repeated failure obey orders to cease fire, and for showing an un-templar attitude by refusing to fight during a match (yes he was lagged, NO EXCUSE)and likely costing KT the match. Only his expression of remorse has prevented a loss of rank.
de Charney-
Censure, for failure to immediately obey a cease fire order (also because I forgot to give him one for using sexually explicit trash talk when we were playing a dork named Vampire)
de Tremelai- a suspended censure, for failure to immediately obey a cease fire order (suspended since he already had to sit out the battle)

11/10/96- Templars de Charnay and de Vichiers receive the Omne Datum Optimum in recognition of superior valor in battle :)

11/10/96- Templar de Tremalai receives the Omne Datum Optimum in recognition of superior contribution to his brother knights by spending time on improvements for the Temple.

11/03/96- New Templar de Craon, before known as MegaMike, is honored with Reciept of the House

10/24/96- New Templar de Tremelai, before known as Stormtrooper, is honored with Reciept of the House

10/18/96- Templars de Charnay, de Vichiers, and de Bures receive the Omne Datum Optimum in recognition of superior service to the order, and valor in battle :)

10/18/96- Templar de XXXXX (name removed by promise of pennance) receives a Censure for failure to use his Templar name while in battle with the order :(

10/17/96- Those Templars who have repeatedly failed to support the Order in battle have now been stripped of their tunic and turned away from the Fortress Atlit. They are subject to the most harsh of all actions: the Loss of House . We mourn the passing of our former brothers into the realm off the infidels: de St. Armand, de XXXXXX, de Sable :(

Explanation of actions in order of ascending magnitude:




Last Revised: January 14, 1997.