About Us

Clan Knights Templar is an online PC based multiplayer gaming clan. Knights Templar have in the past actively engaged in competition in several different games spanning the years from 1996 through 2002. Games competed in include Quake (1996-1997), Quake 2: Capture the Flag (1998-2000), Quake 3: Capture the Flag (2000-2001), and Half Life: Counter-Strike (2001-2002). Most competition occurred on the OGL Gaming Ladders.

Despite the many games played and many years passed, arguably the zenith of Knights Templar fame and prominence was during the Quake 2 CTF years. It was in these glory days that the Knights battled against many great opponents and were truly part of a tight community of allies and adversaries. We lament the loss of this past but we soldier on and look to the future.

While not actively engaged in competition today, many Knights still enjoy playing various games with their true clan names or under aliases in games such as Diablo 2, Counter-Strike, Quake 2 CTF, and many others. Perhaps the Knights await the next big challenge (possibly Doom 3) before once again rising to prominence but for now we are content to remain inactive while still keeping in touch with each other via instant messaging or irc.