Another long overdue page update
Posted By: TimeTraveler | Wednesday 17 March 2005 | 11:05 AM

How about some progress updates for what’s been going on.  First off, Knights aren’t getting any younger, which means as responsibilities increase, the Time available to commune has decreased.  The IRC channel is practically dead, but remains running on #clan_kt at  I’d ask Knights to stop on by, but let’s face it, almost everyone is too busy to hang around on that channel anyway. 


As for the Knights who still play online games, several are playing World of Warcraft, some are still playing Lineage II, and one appears to still be active with Quake 2 CTF (*cough* Crow *cough*).  Most are busy with the game of life and virtual games aren’t a high priority.  However in the spirit of a decent news page update, I have some short bites from a number of Knights and what’s been going on with them.


Eraser – Still working in the tech sector at the same company when he first started Clan SFS along with SpeedRacer, Jed and Jennacyde.  That’s well over six years now.  He recently got married and is expecting his firstborn very soon.  When asked about his most memorable recollection of q2ctf he said, “That’s easy…  But I have to run to a meeting.”  And then later, “My last memory of a ctf game was against KraZyME on Neurotica.  We were on opposite teams holding each other's flags... we both realized at the same time that our teams would not do the job, so we had to be heroes...  We both picked up our own quads, and went the top way to get on the bridge. it was uncanny how well timed it was (unknowingly of course).  As soon as I exited onto the bridge, he did as well on the other side.  Anyway, we couldn't kill each other, but had a really good laugh...


Keyser – Graduates from med school this year and will return to Southern California for his training in family medicine.  When I asked him what his most memorable recollection of q2ctf was, he replied, “Tough question.  I don’t know, the camaraderie in general is my fondest memory.  The most memorable match and the most crushing was when we barely lost to the #1 team on ogl in the final seconds…  That Neurotica match vs. Red Dragons.  I will never forget that.  Not a totally positive memory, but what the hay, it really showed me what competition is all about.  The LAN party at Molay’s house was fun too and seeing Niq wasn’t black in Fresno


I even managed to squeeze some blood from a stone and got an update from our frequent sparring partners from Clan Bastards.


Chino Loco – Still living in the bay area of Northern California.  Still playing first person shooters as well but hasn’t found anything yet that matches q2ctf’s experience (a commonly occurring theme it seems).  Favorite moments for this Bastard include “…Taz[B] railing skills and WitchBlade kicking my ass with dial-up modem (/me on broadband)"



Knights Templar: Where are they now?
Posted By: TimeTraveler | Thursday 15 July 2004 | 11:35 PM

Reports of our demise aren't too far from the truth. However have no fear, this site will not disappear anyTime soon. The domain was renewed for another five years, so much like the Great Pyramid at Giza stands tall as a testament to thousands of years of ancient Egyptian history, this website too will remain as a tribute for all those came before and all those who still persevere. There are still dozens, perhaps hundreds of KT match demos still around to edit and sort, and maybe some day I might actually complete the work. Wishful thinking I guess.

Knights Templar Upcoming 7th Anniversary
Posted By: TimeTraveler | Tuesday 9 September 2003 | 10:43 PM

While the exact date of the seventh anniversary isn't very clear, on September 12th the original Knights Templar web page went live. So lacking any other indicators that date seems as good as any to celebrate the seventh year of the clan's existence. Don't worry about any special events to mark the occasion, but take a few moments to fondly remember the good Times and the camaraderie shared over the years. And to borrow an expression from Jerry Springer, "Be good to yourself, and each other. Good night."

State of the Union
Posted By: TimeTraveler | Tuesday 19 August 2003 | 2:59 AM

Nope, the webpage hasn't gotten stagnant already with a lack of competition. The irc channel is still quite active with old familiar faces dropping by now and then. irc is a great way to hook up with fellow Knights and get involved in the game of the month. In this case the current game fad seems to be Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Will KT actively compete in this game? At this point I would guess that competition in Wolf ET is not in KT's future, but at least it has brought together several of us who do play.

Also all is not finished with the web page. There are still changes coming and new additions being readied for release. But as has always been the case with KT, Real Life(tm) interferes and available Time is cut short by other concerns. We shall see if there is anything new to report by next week.

KT Forum Operational
Posted By: TimeTraveler | Friday 9 August 2003 | 8:47 PM

A big thanks to Rommel for putting up the Knights Templar forum! While it is not intended to replace our primary form of communication (irc channel #clan_kt at it is a quick and easy way for people to leave us a message without registration. Of course if people abuse that capability the Knights who administer this website will have to regulate the sorry sacks and make them run home to mommy. Anyway, enjoy!

KT Skin Pak Available
Posted By: TimeTraveler | Friday 8 August 2003 | 3:43 AM

Enhance the enjoyment of Quake 2 CTF demo watching. No Knight is complete without the skin pak! The KT skin pak contains the correct skins which made individual knights unique. Periodically the skin pak will be updated with followup files to add knights or correct mistakes. Yes Mike, you will get your red bandana. Demos to be released will be corrected for skins so that individual Knights can be identified at a glance the way it should be. The lineup of available Knight skins will also be expanded as necessary. So all you OG Knights, submit your demos!

Members Page Redesigned
Posted By: TimeTraveler | Wednesday 6 August 2003 | 12:00 AM

Members page was updated with more information as well as a redesign. Games played represents the active period of the Knight in question. Many Knights who played CS for us were once former allies and adversaries during the Quake 2 CTF era. No Knight has been active in all four major periods of KT history although some have come close.

New Site
Posted By: Rommel | Friday 1 August 2003 | 11:23 PM

Getting our domain back deserves a new site. I've pretty much thrown this together quickly but it'll do for now. In time i'll work on getting a bit more creative with it. Returns
Posted By: TimeTraveler | Friday 1 August 2003 | 2:46 PM

Hail and welcome once again. After years of languishing in the hands of others and being used for other unsavory purposes, the domain is once again in the hands of those who care. The site is of course under construction and this is merely all temporary "space holder" content to give the viewer something to look at while work is being done. This Time around we intend to keep a firm grip on the domain and not let go.