The clan lives on alive and well today. Never again will the domain be taken from us and exploited for some reason. If you wish to reach somebody immediately, you may want to try our IRC channel #clan_kt on If you prefer to email, contact TimeTraveler for more information.

We are always looking to re-establish ties with Knights who may have lost touch. It is easy to drift away but seemingly just as easy to re-connect with the people you remember. Being a Templar Knight means you are part of a fraternity that stands up to the test of Time. We do not want to forget our roots, our past, our heritage. If you wish to share your past memories (and any demos or screenshots you may still have) or just want to say hello, please do not hesitate to contact us as we do want to hear from you. Once a KT, always a KT.

We also appreciate contact from any former allies or opponents who may wish to touch base again. So if you had your butt handed to you by us (or in turn handed our butts back to us) come on by and see us on IRC.